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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is praying at Baba’s temple at
Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital Rajkot
“This is A Temple of service” :
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

On 27th May 2009, at around 11 o’clock, in the Sathya Marg, Kalawad Road a huge crowd had gathered. After an anxious wait of minutes, a vehicle with full security came and parked near the Sathya Sai hospital. People grew very anxious to see the person in the car. Many people presumed that the person being a V.V.I.P would not even look at them.
     In two minutes came out the person with the silver hair, once holding the highest post in the country, the great patriot and above all having a very simple nature with a pleasant smile, He greeted the people with folded hands just like a 5 year old child!.
Dr. Kalam has an immense affection for the ordinary people of India, which is an indication of his own simplicity and innate spirituality. Hence he easily mingled with guests, trustee and the staff. He then addressed the doctors of the hospital and reminded that they should not treat their work as a money making profession but as a service mission. Not everyone gets an opportunity to serve others. Hence doctors who get this opportunity should consider themselves lucky and do their duty sincerely. They should follow what is written in the oath.

   I will take my profession as a service mission.
   I will sacrifice my comforts and try to bring a smile on the lips of patients.
   I will always try to do the best.
   I will never cheat any patient.
   If any patient is not satisfied with my treatment then I will find out the reason and    
   then try to solve his problem.
   I will whole heartedly involve myself in this service activity and make it my life’s
   The former president had desired to see this temple of service where operations are done totally free. Dr. Kalam observed the service activities of the hospital and reminded the doctors and nurses about their duty.
Any noble work is always supported by God. This is very true with the Sathya Sai Hospital. The visit of Dr. Kalam was like a dream come true. He said “I am very happy to know that Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital is giving free services to the poor and needy people of the society. For me this experience is like actually meeting the “Embodiment of Service Himself”.
     After seeing the hospital’s service activities Dr. Kalam addressed the people in the prayer hall, lit the divine lamp at the temple and prayed that this service activity should continue and spread widely.
    Honored with the Bharat Ratna, Sri APJ Abdul Kalam though short in stature, has a personality which inspires many. Born in a small town in Rameshwaram Dr. Kalam’s childhood was very simple. He dreamt big and had the courage to pursue his dreams. Hence he brought about a revolution in the field of missiles by becoming a scientist. Not only this, from 2002-2007 he held the highest post of President in our country. With his dedication and hard work Dr. Kalam has given us a dream of how India would be in 2020. In spite of being such an important person, his behavior is that of very simple person. Even when he was the President, leaving all the protocols behind, many a times he has met the children and spoken to people.
     Dr. Kalam has been Baba’s devotee right from childhood. After becoming the President he had offered his two months salary at the lotus feet of Swami and asked ‘Bhagwan to accept the humble gift, Baba said ‘I don’t want this money’. I will not put this money in any trust but I will use it to give gold medal every year to deserving students, who like you want to study further’. And as per Baba’s wish the money was put in the bank. Sri Sathya Sai University is the only University in India which gives gold medal.
     As per Baba’s wish in the year 2008, Dr. Kalam has inaugurated the Sathya Sai International Sports Centre on Baba’s Birthday. Dr. Kalam’s devotion towards Baba and his simplicity well came out during the prize distribution ceremony in the University, where he did not want to be with the bodyguards inspite of holding the President post. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visited each and every ward of the Sathya Sai Heart Hospital. He also inaugurated the operation theater and cath lab of the hospital. The news of Dr. Kalam’s visit filled the hospital staff and patients with enthusiasm and he told them to get well soon and live a happy life true to his simple nature he specially spoke many patients and showed that the philosophy of having faith in god and living a good life should be the real goal.
    As per Baba’s instructions without any difference of caste, creed or colour, the hospital renders its services by seeing God in each patient. Its resolution in this direction is becoming stronger. Last year the hospital did 768 operations totally free and in this year they have made a noble resolution to do 1008 operations. Dr. Kalam appreciated this resolution and added that he would pray that people get benefited of this noble service.
     Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam displayed the height of his personality when he took his shoes in his own hands. While visiting Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital he obeyed the notice ‘remove your shoes outside’. Without any hesitation Dr. Kalam did this and said, rules are followed by everyone’. These noble qualities of this noble person make him a real Bharat Ratna!
     After observing the service activities of the hospital Dr. Kalam went to the temple and addressed the people. Dr. Kalam also gave bouquets to children who had been operated and also gave them blessing. He also discussed and answered queries of the doctor’s.
     Dr. Kalam is well known for his love for children. The students of Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir were specially there to honor him. He discussed about their school activities and their future dreams.
     Addressing the guests, media hospital staff and doctor’s in the temple hall, Dr. Kalam said “In any corner of the world, the poor normally get upset with the name of disease and this is even more if it happens to be a heart problem. They lose all hope of living. But the hospital has kept alive the hopes of many underprivileged. He said “I don’t know what to say about this hospital. Yes, I can surely call it. “The temple of service” The doctors work 50% for a patient’s recovery and the rest 50% is the grace of god and Blessings of Baba.
     Dr. Kalam said that this visit to the Sathya Sai Heart Hospital which is the hope and support of poor, was a real purposeful divine experience one and he prayed that this service activity must go on continuously.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on dais with other
guests  and Hospital’s trustees

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam wishing good health to the heart patient

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