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Heart camp in BHARUCH Date of Camp : 06/September/2009


Guests On dais : Sri Ghanshyambhai Patel, Sri Indravadan Modi,
Mrs. Arati Kanwar, Sri Rohit Choksi and other guests


This is the story of 11 year old Meet, son of Bhikubhai Patel, who was suffering from heart disease. The poor father had no resources to save his son. The modern hospitals gave an estimate of 1.5 lakhs for the operation. When it was difficult to have two square meals a day how could they manage such a huge amount? It was at such a time that Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital organized a camp at Bharuch and Meet got a date for the operation. Just after this within a few days he was operated also.
     It was then that Bhikubhai realized that miracles do happen and faith can move mountains. Getting an expensive operation done totally free was no less than a miracle for the family! There are so many Meets and Bhikubhais in the society who are waiting and looking forward to such institutions.
Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital was established in the year 2000 by Shri Kanubhai Patel with the instructions of Bhagwan Baba. The hospital offers free services to the patients and is popularly known as ‘Dil without Bill’.
     The hospital organizes Mega heart camps at various districts, so that its services can reach the remotest areas. On 6th of September 2009, with the support of Dudhdhara Dairy and K.J. Charitable Choksi trust, such a Mega heart camp was organized at Bharuch.In this camp 475 people from Bharuch and Narmada districts were examined. Among this 49 were given dates for operation and 41 people got the benefit of angiography.
     Among those present in the camp where the Bharuch district collector Shrimati Arti Kanwar, Cadila Chairman and Chairman of Kakaba trust Shri Indravadan Modi, Chairman of Dudhdhara Dairy Shri Ghanshyambhai Patel, District development officer Dr. Rajendra Kumar. K.J. Charitable trusts Shri Rohit Choksi and General   Manager of Dudhdhara Dairy, Shri P.K. Patel. All of them appreciated the hospital’s noble work and were all praises for it.
     In the adivasi districts of Bharuch and Narmada, there is a lack of education and hence a lack of awareness also. Keeping this in view, the collector Shrimati Arti Kanwar had made transport arrangements for registration and also for commuting to and fro to the camp venue i.e the sevashram hospital.
The Dudhdhara Dairy people were also equally supportive. They gave all the details to the people regarding the camp. In this ‘Seva Yagya’ the district administration, Dudh Dhara Dairy and Sathya Sai Heart Hospital had joined hands and made every effort to see that every person, even in the remotest area gets the benefit of this camp.­­
     In the present times the elite and modern hospitals have their doors wide open for the rich and affluent people of the society. But their doors are closed for the really deserving and needy.
The heartfelt service for the heart patients done by Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital is an example for the society.

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