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Heart camp in BANASKANTHA Date of Camp 23rd August 2009


 Guests share dais : Shri Parthibhai Bhatol, Shri Sangrambhai Chaudhary, Shri R J Patel, daughter of district collector Dr Prithvi Patel, Dr. P. D. Patel and Shri Motibhai Chaudhary

Seva of the Heart
Through the heart
I have heard a lot about Seva, but I had never any idea of any concrete Seva work. It was then that I met the trustees of Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital. Shri Kanubhai Patel said that they wanted to organize a heart camp at Banaskatha. The poor people who required operation would be taken to Rajkot and operated totally free of cost. I was surprised but thought that maybe they do it. I was under the impression that 3- 4 doctors would come, examine the patients and it would be over.
     I was wrong. Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital wanted to reach the remotest area of Banaskantha. The patients were much more in number than expected. The hospital’s care and service is so remarkable that it leaves behind all the big and modern hospitals.”
These are the words of the \Chairman of Banas Dairy and Amul, Shri Parthibhai Bhatol. He has been associated and also given full support to the Seva Yagna of the hospital for 3 years.
     Moving ahead with the blessings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. the Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital Rajkot, is the only one of its kind which gives a new life to many patients by keeping their hearts beating and that too totally free of cost! Bhagwan Baba says that the hands that come forward to help are much more holier than the lips that pray. For helping the poor and spreading awareness the hospital organizes camps at various places. Such a Mega camp was organized on 23rd August at Palanpur. With the help of Banas Dairy and Adarsh Vidyalaya, this camp had been organized here for the 3rd consecutive year. Around 426 patients were examined and 87 were tgiven dates for operation in the camp itself. Around 97 patients had the privilege of getting angiography done.
     The border and backward areas of Banaskantha is known for illiteracy and poverty which is all the more pronounced because of rising costs.
     For people who survive on daily wages, if a disease like this strikes then he is left with only two options, one is to sell all that he has or to see his dear one close his eyes.
The chairman of Gujarat co-operative Milk marketing federation and Banas Dairy Shri Parthibhai Bhatol, M.D of Banas Dairy, Shri Sangrambhai Chaudhary, Shri R J Patel collector of Banaskantha, daughter of district collector Dr Prithvi Patel, Dr. P. D. Patel and Shri Motibhai Chaudhary, were present. They all appreciated the noble work of the hospital.
     As the people who are supporting the Seva yatra are increasing, the Hospital’s resolution of service is strengthening. The hospital has resolved that by 2011 no heart patient would die for want of treatment or lack of money in Gujarat.

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