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Swami seeing the report of the Hospital in February 2007

and blessing Sri Manoj Bhimani, one of the trustees

Where selfless love is, there God is. The hospital today stands as a testimony to the whole world what pure love, when expressed in service, can do. Over the years, many distinguished personalities, national and international, have stepped into the portals of this ‘mansion of love’; some came as curious visitors, some as willing-to-learn social workers and some as inquisitive investigators. All of them witnessed the unbelievable and left humbled paying homage to this ‘savior of the poor’. When the former Chief Minister of Gujarat visited the place a couple of years ago, he left with the hospital a cheque with a generous amount from his relief fund. Very recently, the Rajkot Municipal corporation, as a mark of gratitude, contributed a large sum to the hospital’s coffers.
        Till 2006, more than six hundred and forty such Rabiyas and Rashids have found hope, health and happiness, and by 2008, the hospital targets it will rise to surely one thousand. And these are patients not only from in and around Rajkot or from the city of Ahmedabad, they come from all over the state of Gujarat. At times, you will even find patients from the far-north of India. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, the world renowned Santoor maestro, on his visit to the hospital, was surprised to find a patient from his home-state of Jammu and Kashmir. Selfless love has become so scarce in the present times, any amount of distance or ordeal is welcome once you are convinced it is assured.

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